Bayside Adapts

Portland’s Bayside Neighborhood is a growing urban redevelopment district that includes opportunities for housing, employment, and entrepreneurialism. Located between Interstate 295 and Portland’s Downtown, the area lies well positioned for sustainable growth with pedestrian friendly proximity to services, amenities, transit, and open space. 

However, Bayside faces an uncertain future - challenged by low topography, aging public infrastructure, and an urbanized, impermeable landscape, Bayside is vulnerable to flooding, and as sea levels are projected to rise, and heavy precipitation events to become more frequent, the flooding issue is expected to worsen. To plan for the future of Bayside, the City kicked off the Bayside Adapts initiative in 2017. To date, projects completed as part of this initiative include the Bayside Adapts Design Challenge and a Sewer and Stormwater System Analysis of the existing conditions and future projections.

Bayside Adapts Project Area

bayside adapts project area


The Bayside Adapts process included a design challenge funded by a grant from the National League of Cities.  Five local design teams imagined what a future climate ready Bayside might look like.  Their designs show that a resilient neighborhood can be thriving and viable with creative interventions to address challenges such as rising seas and increasing amounts of stormwater.  

The City of Portland sincerely thanks each of the design teams for their work on this project.  All of the designs will inform the Bayside Adapts Working Group, City staff, and community members throughout Bayside Adapts, Phase I, which involves developing a better understanding of the existing infrastructure in the neighborhood and developing guiding principles for future adaptation work.  The inspiring designs demonstrate that Bayside can become an even more vibrant neighborhood if we prepare thoughtfully for future challenges.

Congratulations to Aceto Landscape Architects for their winning design!

Submittals to the Design Challenge: 

  • Aceto Landscape Architects
  • mbla + Canal 5 Studio
  • Bild Architecture
  • Alyssa Phanitdasack
  • Soren Deniord Design Studio + Kaplan Thomspon Architects


  • Jeff Levine, Director of Planning and Urban Development, City of Portland
  • Julie Wormser, VP of Policy and Planning, Boston Harbor Now
  • Shafaq Choudry, Senior Associate, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities
  • Addy Reiman, Portland Society for Architecture, Co-chair of the Advocacy Committee

Bayside Adapts Study

As part of the Bayside Adapts effort, the Sustainability and Transportation Committee received the final report from the Bayside Adapts study group during their meeting on October 18, 2017. The report includes important information that the City will need to prepare for rising seas caused by global climate change. This includes updated sea level rise projections synchronized to the City's mapping datum (NGVD 29), an analysis of existing stormwater infrastructure, and guiding principles for future planning work developed by community stakeholders. 

Sewer and Stormwater System Data Gap Analysis

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