Dog Owner Responsibilities

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State law requires you to license your dog in the Municipal Clerk's Office by December 31st. each year or you may register online between October 15th and January 31st.

In order to obtain a license for your dog:

Provide a Maine Rabies Certificate from your veterinarian.
Show proof of spay / neutering.


Dog licensing fees are as follows:
  • Spayed / Neutered: $6 per year                                                                                                              Register online
  • Not Spayed / Neutered: $11 per year
  • Late Fees: $25 per dog (Dogs not licensed by January 31st of each year.)

What dog licenses pay for...

Your dog licensing fees support:

  • Local Animal Control Officers and State Humane Agents
  • Investigation of animal cruelty complaints and enforcement of animal welfare laws
  • Compliance with rabies vaccination of dogs
  • Care for sick and injured stray animals
  • Return of lost dogs to their owners

  • Areas Where No Dogs Are Allowed

    There are no dogs allowed (with the exception of those assisting the visually impaired) on any play fields, school yards, or playgrounds. View areas where dogs are allowed on leashes, long leashes, and/or unleashed.

    Clean Up After Your Dog

    All dog waste must be disposed of properly. It's easy to do and helps keep our city sidewalks clean and free of disease. Dog feces placed in city garbage cans should be contained within some type of plastic bag.

    Violation Fines

    There is a $250 fine for not picking up after your pet. For fine information, see Chapter 5 of the Portland City Code or call the Corporation Council’s office at 207-874-8480.

    Help keep our city clean and safe for everyone!