How do I upload the files?

We only accept PDFs and image files to be uploaded for the application. You may upload multiple images or pdfs per question to demonstrate your answer.

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1. How do I know if I qualify as having low or moderate incomes?
2. Do I need a google account to fill out the application form?
3. What if my business is new?
4. How do I upload the files?
5. How can I prove that I didn’t receive more than $10,000 in COVID-19 SBA and FAME financing programs?
6. What if I haven't filed taxes yet in 2019?
7. What is a "personal financial statement"?
8. What is an "FTE"?
9. How can I best estimate the average salary of positions I plan to rehire?
10. When asked how much money I want to request, I keep getting an error message?
11. Am I disqualified to apply if I received unemployment benefits and/or a $1,200 Federal Stimulus Check?