Do I need a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)?
All eating establishments need at least one CFPM, except the following:

  • Bed and Breakfast establishments with 5 rooms or less;

  • Bed and Breakfast and lodging establishments that serve a continental
    breakfast consisting of non-potentially hazardous baked goods, whole fruit
    or fruit sliced for same- day service, cereal, milk, juice,
    portion-controlled cream cheese, portion-controlled peanut butter, and
    portion-controlled jam or jelly.

  • Temporary eating establishments that operate fewer than 14 days;

  • Establishments that serve or sell non-potentially hazardous pre-packaged

  • Establishments that prepare only non-potentially hazardous foods;

  • Establishments that heat only commercially processed potentially
    hazardous foods for hot holding. No cooling of potentially hazardous foods;

  • Sporting, recreational or bear camps operating 90 days or less and
    serving only their own residents;

  • Eating Establishments which pose minimal risk of causing or contributing
    to foodborne illness, based on the nature of the operation and the extent of
    food preparation.

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1. Do I need a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)?
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