Tree Trust


Portland Tree Trust members include:
  • Stan Bennett of Oakhurst Dairy
  • Roxanne Cole of Portland Rotary
  • Hank Dozier, resident
  • Arthur Batson of Lucas Tree Experts

Planting Trees in Portland

Founded in 2001 with a goal to establish a 'public / private' initiative to enhance municipal tree planting,
the Portland Tree Trust funded the planting of 200 new trees in 2002. Trees were planted along city streets and in our parks and public grounds. Locations included:
  • Exchange Street
  • Along the Eastern Prom Trail as part of the 'Rotary Grove'
  • Deering Oaks Park
  • Payson Park
  • Baxter Boulevard
  • Dougherty Field
  • Residential neighborhoods including replacing 56 trees lost in the July 2001 micro-burst
  • Adding new trees after construction projects on Wayside Drive
  • Rockland Avenue

Funding Provided by the Trust

In all cases, Tree Trust funds allowed us to plant or to greatly increase the number of trees planted at each site. On the 'city side', the 2003 CIP program contains $50,000 re-forestation project matching funds raised in the private sector. The Portland Tree Trust has become a model public / private partnership that will benefit our environment and beautify our city creating a better place to live and work for years to come.

Maintaining Forest City

The Portland Tree Trust's goal is to raise $250,000 over a five year period which would be matched with city funds. Hopefully, despite trying economic times, we can meet these goals and Portland's nickname, 'The Forest City' will continue for future generations.

Historically, Portland's tree planting began in the early 19th century funded largely from donation from 'civic groups'. By the 1860s Portland had been long known as the Forest City. The importance of trees and tree planting continues with even greater importance in today's environment.

In 2003

Spring 2003, we are reviewing tree planting locations using GIS tree inventory information and field survey. We have had numerous inquiries from residents and neighborhoods on how to get involved. One example, the residents of Kenwood Street got together as a group and made donations to the Tree Trust that will result in the planting of new trees filling all the empty locations. Once we see the bid results on tree costs we will determine the number of trees we will plant this season, estimated to be around 250. Trees in this program are planned to be planted in groups vs. individual requests. Tree planting for this season should begin in early May.