Urban Meadows

Imagine a meadow filled with wildflowers, buzzing bees, birds, butterflies and even fireflies. Now imagine that in the heart of Maine's most populated city. The Parks Division is maintaining many of our open spaces within the heart of the city as urban meadows, which serve as great habitat and a wonderful place to visit. Some even have labyrinths mowed into them for epic games of hide and seek.

These spaces serve as vital habitat, but since they are only mowed once annually, they also serve a dual purpose of reducing operating expense with labor, equipment wear and tear, and gas. Portland's meadow areas are mowed once annually in November. Some meadow areas receive extra plantings of native wildflowers and grasses, while others are left to just naturally propagate with wind and animal-borne seeds. Visit these spots today to get a taste of nature in the heart of the city.

Baxter Woods Meadow

Baxter Woods Meadow

Deering Oaks Meadow

Deering Oaks Low Mow

Eastern Prom Meadows

Eastern prom

Franklin St Meadow

Franklin St

Ft Gorges Meadows

Ft Gorges

Ludlow Pond


North Street Meadows (Mt Joy)

EP Northern Concourse Low Mow 2

PATHS Open Space Meadow


Payson Park Meadows

Payson Park

Riverton Trolley Park Meadows and Labyrinth

Riverton Trolley Park

Western Prom Meadows

Western Prom Meadows